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Entering Suriname is significantly easier for nationals from 30 countries, as they can do so without the need for a visa. This convenience makes Suriname an increasingly attractive destination for holidaymakers, leisure travelers, and those on business or corporate travel. This will allow Schengen nations, Brazil, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore, Colombia and more to enter Suriname without a visa. The visa-free entry allows visitors to effortlessly explore Suriname’s rich tapestry of natural beauty, including the lush Amazon rainforest, stunning waterfalls, and vibrant wildlife. For leisure travel enthusiasts, the historic capital city of Paramaribo, with its colonial architecture and bustling markets, offers a unique cultural experience. Business and corporate travelers benefit from the seamless entry process, making it simpler to plan and attend meetings, conferences, and corporate events. Suriname’s growing infrastructure, coupled with its unique blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities, provides an ideal setting for both business engagements and leisure activities, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free travel experience.

TTW Editor in Chief Mr. Anup Kumar Keshan said: “The implementation of Suriname visa-free policy for 30 countries, including Schengen nations, has been a transformative force for the tourism sector. This strategic move has not only simplified the entry process for millions but has also broadened our appeal across diverse travel sectors. Additionally, this policy has invigorated niche travel markets, such as culinary tourism, adventure travel, and wellness retreats, enriching the travel experience and fostering significant economic growth and cultural exchange.”

Schengen Nations

  1. Switzerland

Caribbean and Latin American Nations

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Brazil
  6. Chile
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Dominica
  9. Ecuador
  10. Guyana
  11. Grenada
  12. St. Kitts and Nevis
  13. St. Lucia
  14. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  15. Trinidad and Tobago

Asia and Middle East Nations

  1. Philippines
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Israel
  4. Japan
  5. Malaysia
  6. Singapore
  7. South Korea

Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders Only

  1. Colombia
  2. Cuba
  3. Venezuela

Special Territories

  1. Netherlands Antilles (for regular passport holders only; diplomatic and official passports need visa)

United Kingdom

Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and MICE Travel Advisors in Suriname

1. Orange Travel

  • Services: Comprehensive travel planning, tour packages, MICE services, and customized itineraries.

2. Suriname Tour Agent

  • Services: Destination management, corporate travel planning, event organization, and group tours.

3. Access Suriname Travel

  • Services: Eco-tourism, adventure tours, MICE travel services, and cultural excursions.

4. Discover Suriname Tours

  • Services: Tailored travel experiences, corporate events, incentive travel, and guided tours.

Hotels in Suriname

1. Royal Torarica Hotel

  • Features: Luxury accommodations, conference facilities, spa, and fine dining.

2. Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo

  • Features: Modern amenities, business center, meeting rooms, and pool.

3. Jacana Amazon Wellness Resort

  • Features: Eco-friendly accommodations, wellness spa, event spaces, and tropical gardens.

4. Hotel Krasnapolsky

  • Features: Centrally located, conference and meeting facilities, restaurant, and bar.

5. Eco Resort Inn

  • Features: Comfortable accommodations, eco-friendly practices, pool, and river views.

These DMCs, MICE travel advisors, and hotels provide a wide range of services and accommodations, making it easy for visitors to plan and enjoy their stay in Suriname, whether for leisure or business purposes.

Top Touristy Places in Suriname

  1. Paramaribo
    • The capital city, known for its Dutch colonial architecture and vibrant culture.
    • Highlights: St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Fort Zeelandia, Waterkant, and the Presidential Palace.
  2. Central Suriname Nature Reserve
    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers rich biodiversity and pristine rainforest.
    • Highlights: Raleighvallen (Raleigh Falls), Voltzberg, and a variety of wildlife.
  3. Brownsberg Nature Park
    • A popular spot for hiking and wildlife spotting, located in the Brokopondo District.
    • Highlights: Scenic trails, waterfalls, and panoramic views of the Brokopondo Reservoir.
  4. Galibi Nature Reserve
    • Famous for its nesting beaches of giant leatherback sea turtles.
    • Highlights: Turtle watching, boat tours, and cultural experiences with the indigenous Kalina people.
  5. Peperpot Nature Park
    • A former plantation turned nature park, offering easy trails and rich birdlife.
    • Highlights: Bird watching, historical plantation buildings, and eco-tourism activities.
  6. Jodensavanne
    • Historic site of a 17th-century Jewish settlement and synagogue ruins.
    • Highlights: Historical ruins, guided tours, and scenic views of the Suriname River.
  7. Blanche Marie Falls
    • One of the most impressive waterfalls in Suriname, located in the Sipaliwini District.
    • Highlights: Stunning waterfall views, swimming, and nature hikes.
  8. Commewijne River
    • Offers boat tours and visits to historic plantations along the river.
    • Highlights: Plantations like Frederiksdorp and Rust en Werk, river cruises, and wildlife spotting.

Airlines and Airports in Suriname

Major Airlines

  1. Surinam Airways (SLM)
    • Description: The national airline of Suriname, offering flights to various international destinations including the Caribbean, South America, and Europe.
  2. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    • Description: Offers direct flights between Amsterdam and Paramaribo, facilitating easy access from Europe.
  3. Copa Airlines
    • Description: Connects Suriname with Central and South America through its hub in Panama City.
  4. Caribbean Airlines
    • Description: Provides regional connectivity with flights to and from Caribbean destinations.
  5. American Airlines
    • Description: Offers flights between Suriname and the United States, enhancing North American connectivity.

Major Airports

  1. Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (PBM)
    • Location: Zanderij, approximately 45 km south of Paramaribo.
    • Description: The main international airport serving Suriname, providing connections to the Caribbean, South America, North America, and Europe.
  2. Zorg en Hoop Airport (ORG)
    • Location: Paramaribo
    • Description: Serves domestic flights and some regional destinations, mainly used for smaller aircraft and charter services.

Railway Connectivity

Suriname does not have a functioning railway system for passenger travel. Historically, there were railways primarily used for transporting goods, but these are no longer in operation.

Benefits for Visa-Exempt Travelers

Easier Access for Holidaymakers and Leisure Travel

Travelers from countries that do not require a visa to enter Suriname benefit from the straightforward and hassle-free entry process. This ease of access allows holidaymakers and leisure travelers to plan spontaneous trips and explore Suriname’s diverse attractions, such as its vibrant capital, pristine rainforests, and historic sites, without the burden of obtaining a visa.

Convenient Business and Corporate Travel

For business travelers and those on corporate travel, the visa-free policy simplifies travel arrangements, making it easier to attend meetings, conferences, and corporate events. The efficient airline connectivity provided by major airlines such as Surinam Airways, KLM, and American Airlines ensures that business professionals can travel seamlessly between Suriname and major international hubs.

Enhanced Regional Connectivity

The strong network of regional airlines like Caribbean Airlines and Copa Airlines enhances Suriname’s connectivity within the Caribbean and South America. This regional access facilitates cultural exchanges, tourism, and business opportunities, encouraging more frequent visits from neighboring countries.

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