Speed through airport quarantine checks in Japan with Fast Track

Keeping on top of the latest border control measures can be confusing with Covid-19 restrictions constantly changing. While tourists are still not allowed to enter Japan, there are a number of returning residents, business travellers and students coming into the country. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to know about this new arrival procedure. Here’s our guide to using Fast Track.

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is a new service offered by the Japanese government for arrivals to Japan. To save yourself time and hassle, you can streamline your arrival by pre-registering for airport quarantine measures via the MySOS app before landing in Japan.

What do I need?

First of all, you’ll need to download MySOS. It’s one of the apps you must install on your smartphone when entering the country to monitor your health and confirm your quarantine location. Even if you’re one of the lucky people who are exempt from quarantine, you can still use the app to submit all your necessary Covid-19 documents, including a negative test certificate and health questionnaire, ahead of your arrival in Japan. This will save you from having to physically show those documents when you are at the airport. 

The Fast Track pre-application must be completed at least 16 hours before your arrival in Japan. Once the app is installed, you’ll need your passport number and negative Covid-19 test certificate (taken 72 hours prior to departure). Vaccination certificates are optional, but if you have yours on hand, you can also submit that, too.

How do I use Fast Track?

To register your documents, open the MySOS app (from outside Japan) and tap ‘pre-registration for quarantine procedures’. From there, you can follow the instructions to fill out the required health questionnaire and pledge, as well as submit your vaccination certificate and negative Covid-19 certificate.

Once your information is added into the app, your documents will be reviewed. If your screen is green, your documents are good to go. If the screen is yellow, that means you will still need to present your negative test certificate at the airport. If the screen is red, there has been a problem with your application and you must redo the registration process. When you arrive at the airport in Japan, all you’ll need to do is show the colour of your screen (assuming it’s green or yellow) to proceed.

To download the MySOS app for iOS and Android, visit here. For more information on the Fast Track service, visit here.

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