qatar: Travel survival guide for FIFA World Cup 2022: Information about Qatar

Sepp Blatter agreed that Qatar should not have been given the hosting rights for such a major sporting event. The country has a horrendous reputation for human rights and considers homosexuality a mental problem. Despite a harsh summer, no proper infrastructure and a lack of recognition for LGTBQ and anti-women policies, it was chosen as a World Cup host. The other contenders were Japan, the USA, South Korea and the US. But Qatar won due to limitless cash. Most people who awarded Qatar the rights are in jail, banned from football or have judicial processes running against them.

FIFA had announced that the game would be played in peak summer, as usual, with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius.

Human Rights Issues

Another factor is the horrible human rights track record of the kingdom. Qatar lures thousands of workers from poor countries, makes them work in sub-human conditions, and sometimes doesn’t allow them to return home peacefully. Workers are harassed by business owners and their cohorts for disgraceful behavior and rampant humiliation. The country is highly racist in its attitude to various people and also demeans the existence of women. Alcohol is not allowed freely, and neither is getting drunk in public. Eating pork in public is not authorized or available in the kingdom. Gays are not permitted in the country and can be imprisoned if proven to be having consensual lovemaking among partners.

World Cup Infrastructure and getting around

As far as the stadiums are concerned, all eight playing venues are located within a 45-mile radius and connected by the metro. A tram also travels around the city, taking people to various places to visit and linking the business district with the stadiums. Many flights connect the UK with Qatar, including Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways. Cheaper flights are possible from the UK to Qatar and back from Pegasus and Turkish Airlines. Fares are highly dynamic and keep changing on demand, and it is advised the traveler check the internet for details. The traveler needs a passport with a minimum validity of SIX months. All travelers need to have a “Hayya” card which is like an identity which must be carried at all times. It is available online, and a printout form can also be kept. Please book your hotels and flights only after the Hayya card has been issued in the visitor’s name. A last-minute visit is next to impossible as Hayya cards take time to create, which can run into weeks.


No COVID tests are required, but a passenger could be made to go through thermal scanners or temperature checks after landing at the airports.


Hotels are available plenty, and as countries get knocked off as the tournament progresses, hotel room availability keeps increasing. Please check the internet for the best rates; some are a steal.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Teams qualified for Round of 16 – Full list here

FIFA World Cup 2022: Teams qualified for Round of 16 – Full list here

People can also stay in nearby countries and watch the games by flying into the kingdom. Emirates operates special flights into Doha from Dubai, and other options are Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. People shouldn’t settle on Saudi as they have a horrible human rights record.

Transport in Qatar

Metro is the best local transport, and it is cheap. Uber rides are also available at fantastic rates.

Alcohol consumption

Avoid drinking alcohol altogether if you are visiting, as it could land you in trouble, or you can enjoy it once you are in your hotel and are done for the day.

Personal Behavior in Public

Regarding your public behavior, please don’t show affection, like kissing and hugging inappropriately. Please don’t shake hands with a Qatari lady, as it is not allowed. If you are gay, it is advised that you avoid a visit altogether.

A person’s clothes, whether male or female, should not be very exposed. Men should avoid shorts in public, and women should ensure their bodies are almost entirely covered.

Tourism spots

Tourist spots are hard to miss, and transport networks will connect these places. You can approach the hotel desk for visits to the Al-Adaid area for wildlife, the Museum of Islamic Art, National Museum, to name a few.


  1. What is the name of the ruling family in Qatar?
    Al Thani family.
  2. Who is the current Emir of Qatar?
    Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

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