July 25, 2024
The IQOS showcase at Narita International Airport Terminal 1 features high-impact Iluma i campaign visuals

JAPAN. Tobacco products specialist Philip Morris International (PMI) has today unveiled the IQOS Iluma i series in Japan duty-free locations, including at Narita International and Kansai airports. 

The launch coincides with the 10th anniversary of the IQOS tobacco-heating system, which originally launched in Nagoya, Japan in 2014. 

IQOS Iluma i is the latest in PMI’s expanding portfolio of smoke-free products for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine products.

The IQOS Iluma i series offers three devices in Japan: IQOS Iluma i Prime, IQOS Iluma i and IQOS Iluma i One. IQOS Iluma i Prime and IQOS Iluma i One are available in Japanese travel retail. 

PMI CEO Jacek Olczak said: “We leverage science, world-leading brands and commercial capabilities to provide better alternatives to our consumers.  

“This anniversary provides an opportunity to renew our smoke-free vision and our ambition for two-thirds of our total net revenue to come from smoke-free products by 2030. 

The inner textile layer of IQOS Iluma i Prime’s leather-like wrap is crafted from 100% recycled plastic

“IQOS Iluma disrupted the category by introducing induction-heating technology that heats tobacco from within, providing a consistent taste experience, no tobacco residue and no need to clean the device.  

“Today we take IQOS to new heights with the launch of IQOS Iluma i – the latest innovation in our smoke-free portfolio, offering a range of advanced features for a clean, seamless and more flexible experience.” 

The products incorporate PMI’s bladeless Smartcore Induction System. IQOS Iluma i devices feature a touchscreen that allows users to access experience-relevant information. 

The IQOS corner in KIX Duty Free at Kansai Airport Terminal 1 highlights key features of the Iluma i devices

It also includes a Pause Mode to personalise the experience. By swiping up or down on the touchscreen in Performance Mode, users can pause and resume their smoke-free moment without wasting a stick.  

Additionally, the FlexPuff feature allows users to use the device at their own pace (when on Eco Mode). 

PMI noted: “Within ten years, IQOS net revenues have surpassed those for Marlboro, making it the number one international nicotine brand and accelerated the decline of cigarettes in many countries.” 

According to PMI Financials, in Japan nearly one-third of adult smokers are using IQOS and cigarette sales have declined since heated tobacco was launched. 

Today there are 25 markets where PMI’s smoke-free product revenues exceed 50% of total net revenue, including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania. 

PMI President Heat-Not-Burn Platforms Bertrand Bonvin remarked: “IQOS Iluma i is our most innovative offering to date and the new flagship in our portfolio of scientifically substantiated, heat-not-burn smoke-free systems. 

“Like previous IQOS devices, on average it emits 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared with cigarettes (see more information here). We are proud that consumer feedback continuously fuels our innovation, and IQOS Iluma i is a testament to that.” 

Olczak added: “We have been investing heavily in research and development to provide adults who smoke with better alternatives to cigarettes based on cutting-edge science. But for change to be effectively enacted, government and society at large must play their part. 

“It is important that others – like government authorities and regulators – embrace the opportunity offered by innovation and science to benefit the world.” 

IQOS Iluma i has smart features including FlexBattery that extend the holder’s battery life, contributing to electronic waste reduction. Furthermore, the door for IQOS Iluma i is made from aluminium produced with renewable energy.

Digital touchpoints invite travellers to engage with the launch and learn more about smoke-free products

Newly appointed PMI Duty Free Vice President Beste Ermaner remarked: “We are delighted to launch IQOS Iluma i in Japan duty-free locations and to bring the latest and most innovative IQOS to legal-age travelling consumers.  

“Furthermore, this launch marks the ten-year anniversary of IQOS, originally launched in Japan in 2014. We are extremely proud to celebrate ten years of IQOS innovation providing better alternatives to cigarettes.”


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