New Pokemon Travel Show Using Pikachu-Themed Bus Coming to Japan

Young Pokemon fans in Japan will have something exciting to look forward to as a new Pokemon variety show features a Pikachu-shaped bus.


Pokemon has always been rather popular in Japan. The popularity of the franchise has led to many opportunities, such as specialized merchandise, a popular YouTube channel that includes ASMR videos with creatures like Piplup, and even a special camping-themed Pokemon exploration adventure. These examples are the only beginning of the series’ reach, as Game Freak’s popular IP has announced a new variety show featuring a Pikachu bus.

The Pokemon series has had variety shows in Japan for over a decade. These variety shows feature different Japanese talents showcasing and reacting to different aspects of the series. These usually range from important events coming to the Pokemon anime to even announcements about upcoming games.


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The variety shows based on the creature-catching RPG usually “renew” themselves with a new premise every so often, and the most recent variety show has been announced. It’s called “Poke Doko: Pokemon to Doko Iku?!” (“Where Are You Going With Pokemon?!”) and features a Pikachu-shaped bus as part of its theme of traveling around and sharing Pokemon with fans across Japan.


The show is set to feature series regular Ryogo Matsumaru, a surprise actress guest who has yet to be revealed, and Shoko Nakagawa, who has starred on these shows for about 16 years. Nakagawa has also been the voice of the Spiky-Eared Pichu and Keldeo in the Pokemon movies and shorts. The unique Pichu was said to be inspired by her directly by the game’s developers.

The most interesting thing about the show is most definitely the Pikachu-themed bus that ties into the theme. The show is all about touring across the country, yet it’s unclear if the bus is only a set piece, or if it will be properly used on the streets of Japan. The bus is also interestingly not named after Pikachu, but rather a pun on the Japanese phrase “Doko ikou ka?” (“Where are we going?”) and the Japanese word for car, blending them both together to make the “Dokoikokaa.”

So far, regardless of if the bus is properly used or is just a prop, the official website states that another series regular, a comedian known as Abareru, will be the driver as Shoko Nakagawa navigates. What exactly the show will entail will need to be seen, but Japanese Pokemon fans can look forward to the show starting on April 3.

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