Know how interplanetary travel will take place

We have all heard about astronomers travelling to the Moon via rockets, but have you ever thought about going to space on a train. Well, Japan is set to fulfil your dreams as The Weather Channel India has confirmed the country’s plans to send humans to the Moon and Mars.

According to media reports, Japan has laid plans to build a glass habitat structure that would imitate Earth’s gravity, atmosphere and topography to make humans feel comfortable.

As per The Weather Channel, researchers from Japan’s Kyoto University are working in collaboration with Kajima Construction to execute this plan.

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How will Japan’s interplanetary transportation system work?

Japanses researchers have labelled this new-age interplanetary transportation system as ‘Hexatrack’. Research says that this system will maintain a gravity of 1G during the long-distance travel to reduce the effects of extended exposure to low gravity.

The bullet trains will bear hexagonal-shaped capsules, known as ‘Hexacapsules’ with a moving device in the centre.

The proposal shared by Japanese researchers claims that a mini-capsule with a 15-metre radius will connect the Earth and the Moon by using electromagnetic technology deployed by the Maglev trains in Germany and China.

The train’s station on the Moon will be known as Lunar Station. It will use a gateway satellite. The one on Mars will be known as Mars Station and will be placed on the Martian satellite Phobos.

The Earth’s station will be known as ‘Terra Station’. It will be a successor to the International Space Station (ISS).

According to Mashable India, the space train, termed as ‘Space Express’ will operate on a standard gauge track.

Researchers at the Kyoto University are planning to build a habitat that would be quite similar to the facilities on Earth. A narrowed living structure, known as ‘The Glass’, will be built in the shape of a champagne flute.

Further, the structure will create artificial gravity by using centrifugal force caused by the rotation of Moon and Mars in space.

When will the plan be executed?

As per Japan’s The Asahi Shimbun, the bullet train may take a century to become a reality. However, researchers are planning to create a simplified prototype version by 2050.





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