3 Benefits of Booking a Tailor-Made Trip to Japan with Goway

Japan is one of the most popular destinations in the world, a place where travelers can gaze upon the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms, explore some of the world’s most beautiful temples and shrines, and enjoy the electric nightlife of its neon-soaked cities. It’s also a foodie haven, with international favorites from ramen to sushi to tempura to delight travelers. Travel advisors who want to book a trip to Japan can take advantage of Goway’s expert knowledge and wide range of travel products to plan a dream vacation for their clients. Learn more on Goway’s website. 

Autumn season and Mountain Fuji at Kawaguchiko Lake, Japan.

Autumn season and Mountain Fuji at Kawaguchiko Lake, Japan. (Photo Credit: Goway Travel/tawatchai1990/Adobe Stock)

1. Goway crafts tailor-made trips to Japan. 

Goway knows that no two travelers are alike, which is why they offer tailor-made travel options to Japan. Goway can help travelers explore Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hakone near Mt. Fuji with Signature Japan, which features deluxe accommodations and private tours. Goway can arrange for foodie journeys through Fukuoka and Osaka showcasing everything from ramen to yakitori. Goway can showcase Japan during the height of winter, when the mountain region of Hida transforms into a winter wonderland, or arrange for a spa escape to the famous onsens in Hakone near Mt. Fuji. Travel advisors can rely on the expert knowledge of Goway’s Destination Specialists, as well as the customizability of Goway’s travel packages. Don’t forget that Goway Groups Only also offers dedicated travel planning for groups of 10 or more travelers who want to explore Japan. 

Kyoto, Japan in Spring.

Kyoto, Japan in Spring. (Photo Credit: Goway Travel/SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe Stock)

2. Goway has exclusive travel packages to Japan during the most popular times of the year. 

In Japan, no season is more popular than the spring months of March and April, when cherry blossoms bloom across the nation and bathe it in a gorgeous wash of pink and white. It’s an incredibly busy time to travel, with limited availability for hotel rooms, tours, and guides. Luckily, Goway has exclusive packages to Japan during the cherry blossom season with Japan Cherry Blossom Odyssey. As well, Goway features packages to Japan in the fall when the red and gold leaves take over the temple gardens and hillsides. Departures for fall 2023 are sold out, but 2024 dates are coming soon, so it’s best to book ahead. 

JP Osaka Castle pond during the day.

JP Osaka Castle pond during the day. (Photo Credit: Goway Travel/Taras Vyshnya/Adobe Stock)

3. Travel advisors can earn cash rewards and exclusive benefits when booking trips to Japan with Goway. 

Not only do travel advisors benefit from Goway’s expert knowledge and years of experience planning tailor-made trips to Japan. They can also earn exclusive benefits. Travel advisors can earn cash rewards on every booking they make to Japan with the GowayPro loyalty program. They can also earn an Asia stamp on Goway’s Passport to a Free FAM program, and level up their travel knowledge with free educational modules from the GowayPro Travel Academy. There are many ways to sell, learn, and earn cash rewards when booking trips to Japan with Goway. Learn more on Goway Agent.

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