10 Ways To Visit Tokyo While Staying On A Budget

Tokyo might be expensive, but these pro tips can help you bring down the overall budget of your vacation.

Money is key for successful travel and integral to enjoying the experience. But how much of a budget is really necessary? Coming up with a plan on what to do, where, and when, is also crucial. It also includes how much to spend on every occasion. That way a traveler stays on budget.

However, one may not have a lot of money when traveling, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy the experience on a budget. When traveling to Tokyo, one may be worried about the cost because it is a big city. Here are 10 ways to visit Tokyo while staying on a Budget.

10 Enjoy Street Food

Tokyo is one of those places with the best street food life. Street food is well valued in the city and one can easily stay on budget by opting to take it. By buying street food instead of eating at a large restaurant, a visitor will be able to save more than 50% on food during the visit. However, one must do research to understand the best places and food to take.

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9 Visit Local Joints

When it comes to entertainment and relaxation, the best way to stay on a budget is by joining the locals. Going where locals go will help one get the best local spots at affordable prices. This includes entertainment areas such as bars. Izakaya Alleyways, which are very well known small bars in Tokyo, offer a traditional décor, good meals, drinks and are very much affordable.

8 Shop At Local Markets – Shimokitazawa

When visiting Tokyo, one of the things that can easily drain someone’s bank is shopping. This is because there are so many shopping malls with the best products. Some of these products are quite expensive and if someone is not careful they may end up overspending. However, shopping at the local markets is a good way to manage the budget. The Shimokitazawa region in particular is very popular for offering affordable second-hand clothes and other products. The region has a line of shops selling a variety of products one may need when visiting the city.

7 Low Budget Traveling

When visiting Tokyo, which is a large city, moving around can be another issue that will eat into someone’s money very fast. One should not use uber and other high-end means all the time if they want to remain on budget. Public transportation is the way to go. For long distances, using the Japan Rail pass is a great way to cut costs and it is safe. When using trains, a tourist should also get an IC credit card which will be ideal for payment. Since Tokyo offers transit passes at discount, it is a good way to save money.

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6 Lodges That Will Save On Accommodation

Accommodation is another cost that can be a headache for any traveler. When it comes to accommodation, especially in big cities, the cost is very high especially if someone decided to stay in fancy hotels. Finding a lodge will get a tourist a very good deal in Tokyo. Another well-known option to work with is Capsule hotels. They are interesting to use and are affordable. The only downside is that one is required to check-in and check out in the morning and no storage areas. However, a tourist can use storage lockers for the public at train stations.

5 Tour Senso-Ji

Finding the right and affordable places to visit in Tokyo is also a good way to stay on budget and enjoy. The Sensoji Temple was built in 645 and is the largest one in Japan. This is a good place for someone to visit and enjoy so much about the country’s culture and religious history. By visiting the temple, one will spend very little and still get a chance to experience so much about Japan.

4 Bookstore Hostels

Accommodation is crucial, and finding the right way to do it is the best way to save on money. Tokyo has a special style of staying at a bookstore and will save a tourist a lot of money. And if someone loves books it is even better. There are several bookstores that offer accommodation in hostels. One can stay at a book and bed hostel. Additionally, it is a chance to learn more about the country. These hostels are very clean, quiet, and safe. They also offer guests convenience with food and some drinks alongside.

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3 A Visa Is Not Always Needed

It is something that many people may not remember to check but not all countries are required to have a visa when visiting Japan. However, it is important to note that this does not apply to all visitors. Those of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, do not need a visa to get to Japan. One should also check to find out about other countries. The big deal is that without the need to get a visa one can see some money to remain on a good budget.

2 Off-Peak Season

Planning a trip to Tokyo well is also a smart way of visiting the place on a budget. During off-peak seasons, the cost of many things including transport is low. The autumn foliage and cherry blossoms are the most popular times in Japan which run from April to November. During these times, the costs are very high. However, traveling during the off-season will have a visitor cutting a lot of the costs.

1 Use Airbnb

With the rise and popularity of Airbnb, one is able to save a lot of money on accommodation. This is also good when traveling as a group. An Airbnb will offer visitors a lot of freedom and a chance to even cook for themselves.

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